Timberline No. 1 Seller Claims GAF

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Laminated shingles were first introduced in the United States about 30 years ago. Since then, they have steadily gained in popularity with contractors, remodelers, and homeowners. But only recently has their growth exploded, with projections in 1999 at 42 percent of the asphalt shingle market.

According to industry statistics, the No. 1 selling architectural shingle line in America is the Timberline Series from GAF Materials Corporation. The Timberline Series offers homeowners more choices than ever before, depending upon the look homeowners are trying to achieve and their budget:

  • The unique Shadow AccentTM effect, available on Timberline® Ultra® (40-year limited warranty) and Timberline® 25 (25-year limited warranty) shingles, results in maximum dimensionality and depth on the roof.
  • The highly popular Color TonesTM look, available exclusively on Original Timberline® shingles (30-year limited warranty), offers a distinctive, highly contrasted random color pattern.

With two great looks and three limited warranties from which to choose, all of your customers can have a genuine Timberline® roof.