Windowizards-Opening More New Doors Everyday

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Exactly one year ago (in this same space) Windowizards kicked off its factory painted "Doors in Custom Colors" Program. Previously, the Steel Master new construction steel door, Illusion series woodgrained fiberglass door lines, and replacement door series had been offered "primed only."

The growth and success of the color program has been exceptional. Windowizards has expanded their door manufacturing operations to include additional fabrication shops and spray booth facilities to keep up with the demand. Initially, it was thought that the commodity door line, most frequently used by builders would occupy most of the paint line capacity. Only half of this projected forecast has come true.

Builders and remodelers are, in fact, purchasing Windowizards color doors in record numbers. But it is the higher end Grand Entrance type door that is leading the growth parade. The company admits that this has been an extremely pleasant surprise, until one views the finished product. Given the breathtaking beauty of a gleaming factory-finished door surface, combined with beveled, etched, color textured and glue chip artglass, handsome brass, lead and zinc caming, companion side lites and transoms, the outcome should have been evident.

No longer is any mystery attached to why consumers prefer the high style product when compared to commodity doors. There can be no comparison between the two.

Builders and remodelers know their clients. They also know that sheer beatuy, elegance and maximum energy efficiency sells. Always has, always will! Today’s buyers absolutely live it when traffic slows down when passing their home to view a Grand Entrance Door System.

Windowizards also offers a full line of window products for new construction and remodeling. For more information, call 1-800-220-8707.