Second Generation Deck Product from Kroy

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Kroy Building Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of vinyl fencing, decks, railing and related products, has introduced anew "second generation" deck system that features easier mounting that is readily adapted to a variety of configurations.

The key to the new Kroy product's ease of installation is a new clip system that can be installed anywhere on a continuous channel rather than at predefined attachment points, explains John Forbis, president and CEO of Kroy Building Products, Inc. The second generation deck's rugged construction of multi-hollow channels in a 2 X 8 plank is strong enough to allow up to a 32-inch span between supports. On the exterior, a diamond criss-cross pattern disperses water while improving traction on wet surfaces. This simple and attractive design still offers all the advantages that are found on all Kroy vinyl products, reliability, durability and ease of maintenance.

Kroy vinyl decking outlasts wood by many years and also saves countless hours of maintenance and repairs since cleaning requires nothing more than an occasional spray from a garden hose. "In addition," says Forbis, "our engineers worked long and hard to develop a unique construction process that guarantees the deck you install today will be thee for decades to come. Kroy decks are guaranteed for life because we know that's how long they'll last."

Available in white, grey, or tan, the surface will not chip or peel since the color permeates the material and is not applied to the surface. Moreover, vinyl will not splinter and has no rough edges so it is safe in homes with small children.

Headquartered in York, NE, Kroy Building Products is one of the nation's leading providers of vinyl fencing, decks, railing, decorative structures and accessories. For more information, call 800-933-KROY; or visit the company's website at