TimberTech Composite Decking Material

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TimberTech, an engineered composite decking material made of recycled wood and plastic by TimberTech Limited, offers all the beauty of a premium wood deck with none of the maintenance required by wood. Unlike wood decks, TimberTech decks won't rot, warp, splinter, or decay, and they resist damage by marine borers and wood-boring insects. The TimberTech product line includes the original tongue-and-groove deck planks, which provide a fastener-free surface area, and new 2 X 6 deck planks, which offer the look of traditional wood deck planks. Both deck plank types are available in 12-, 16-, and 20-foot lengths.

The line also includes TimberTopper™ deck covers for resurfacing weathered wood decks, a complete railing system, and fascia board for trimming finished decks. In addition to its use in residential decks. TimberTech decking performs well in public areas such as restaurant and resort decks and patios. The high level of moisture resistance and superior slip resistance also make TimberTech ideal for use around pools, spas, hot tubs, and marinas.

TimberTech decking is easy to install and can be cut, drilled, routed, and fastened using standard woodworking tools and fasteners. TimberTech gradually weathers to an attractive driftwood gray color or a light brown color in hot, dry climates. A TimberTech deck can be cleaned in much the same way as a wood deck.

The TimberTech product line is sold nationally through lumberyards and building product distributors, and is backed by a 10-year warranty against material defects. Since it was developed specifically for use as deck planking, TimberTech should not be used for structural applications, such as posts, joists, or stringers.

The name of the nearest supplier or more information, contact: TimberTech Limited, P.O. Box 182880, Columbus, OH 43218-2880, Telephone: 800-307-7780; or fax: 614-443-7698. Visit the TimberTech website at www.TimberTech.com.