Boardwalk Composite Lumber

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An innovative new decking product, BoardwalkTM Composite Lumber, has been introduced by CertainTeed Corporation as a premium, low-maintenance alternative to traditional pressure-treated wood. Boardwalk is being sold through the CertainTeed and Wolverine siding sales organizations to customers in the northeastern United States for the year 2000.

Boardwalk is the only synthetic lumber product made with CertainTeed's exclusive EcoTech® material, which combines recycled natural fibers with a weatherable polymer. Thanks to EcoTech, Boardwalk benefits from the aesthetic and functional features of its wood component and the performance characteristics of its plastics component, giving this composite decking product the best of both worlds. Boardwalk offers distinct advantages when matched against competing products. For example, treated lumber is high maintenance while Boardwalk is virtually maintenance-free. Wood is prone to rot and decay, and splinters can be a problem. Boardwalk will never split or crack, and features a skid-resistant surface for outstanding traction. What's more, Boardwalk carries a Class I (A) fire rating, compared to the Class III (C) rating for many other wood-polymer composites. Boardwalk also has a more consistent texture than other composites, resists mildew more effectively, and is very easy to clean.

Distributors, contractors and homeowners are already discovering the Boardwalk advantage. For more information, please call the Sales Support Group at 800-233-8990.