New Underfoot Product Ends Deck Deterioration, Maintenance... and Painful Wood Splinters

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Now there is a solution for all those homeowner customers who don't want to spend their weekends staining, cleaning, and sealing their pressure treated wood decks instead of enjoying them! The hundreds of dollars spent on stains and sealers don't even solve the problems of splinters.

The easy, economical and safe solution to the cost and time involved in maintaining a deck comes from Anchor Decking and is called "Durable Deck." This innovative product doesn't replace the deck, but covers the surface of the deck in a durable, safe and attractive vinyl. In fact, it has been compared to vinyl siding for wood decks.

Durable Deck is similar to putting the customer's wood deck into a time capsule for years to come. No more staining and sealing. No more pressure cleaning. No more wasted weekends for your customers. Unlike wood, a material that can deteriorate from moisture and UV radiation, Durable Deck is made from GEON PVC, a compound material proven to withstand punishing outdoor conditions.

Durable Deck covers the deck, protecting it from further deterioration, eliminates the health crisis associated with wood decks, including rusty nails, wood splinters and toxic stains. Finally, because Durable Deck is a retrofit product and requires no structural change to a home, a building permit is not needed in most areas.

Durable Deck planks can be fastened to the deck with screws or a special polyurethane adhesive. Specially designed slots for screws permit the patented air channels to sit above the wood, allowing the wood to breath. The screw slots allow the wood to expand and contract naturally without warping or cupping the Durable Deck covering.

The ideal solution to top a backyard deck, dock, walkway, porch or patio, Durable Deck even can be installed over concrete, covering unsightly and potentially dangerous cracks and irregular surfaces. The surface is slip resistant.

Available in a variety of colors to complement any home, colors can be combined to permit the contractor to design a totally custom deck for the homeowner customer. So, now customers who are clamoring for low-maintenance "siding" for their decks, can realize their needs.