What is an eShowroom?

A customized "on-line product catalogue" designed to enlighten and impress potential customers about the quality products you sell.

An eShowroom will make your company stand out above the crowd.

  • An eShowroom will turn your existing website into an organized and easy to use product information data base and resource with photos, text and videos on all the products you carry.
  • It will simplify the product search and compare process for builders, contractors, architects and DIYers.
  • Open 24 hours a day this on line tool will enhance all your advertising and marketing efforts.

How can an eShowroom improve your business?

  • Better Advertising Results:
    Your marketing and sales promotions will become more effective. Now you can add the power and efficiency of the Internet to help drive customers to your Store. Start today and begin receiving more results from your marketing efforts.
  • Smarter Sales People:
    An eShowroom will make your inside and outside salespeople more knowledgeable and help them communicate product information more effectively with their customers and prospects.
  • Customer Service:
    Warranty information, options and accessories at your customer's fingertips. Help contractors and their customers choose products you sell quickly and easily. Satisfied customers mean repeat business.
  • Contractor Sales:
    The #1 reason contractors go on line is to find product information. Your contractors can even link your eShowroom into their website. Supporting your trade customers adds up to more business.

Bottom Line: You spend a lot of money every year on advertising, sales and customer service. Having quality in-depth product information at your fingertips will enhance each area of your business. This will lead to more customers and more sales.